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Academic Rigor using Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Since 2005, Iowa has been on a multi-year journey to reinvigorate our education system. One of the foundational elements of this effort has been the Iowa Core (formerly the Iowa Model Core Curriculum and Iowa Core Curriculum). The work of the Iowa Core over this time can be divided into three phases: (1) initial adoption and implementation, (2) adoption of the Common Core State Standards in Literacy and Mathematics, and (3) Iowa Core expansion. As the development of the Iowa Core has evolved over time, so too has the nature of work schools and districts should do with the Iowa Core. This report describes work related to the cognitive complexity called for by the Iowa Core Literacy and Mathematics standards. Furthermore, this report explores the implications and applications of the Iowa Core standards’ cognitive complexity for the Iowa Department of Education’s (i.e., the Department) efforts to promote and support quality curriculum alignment work as one means of facilitating Iowa Core implementation in Iowa classrooms. 

Full Report: Determining the Cognitive Complexity of the Iowa Core in Literacy and Mathematics



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