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On April 16th, over 75 educators came together at Northwest AEA for our C-Plan learning day. Various topics were discussed including the LAU Plan, Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS), SINA, and equity during site visits. The afternoon was spent on Iowa Core Plans within the C-Plan.

Districts should have an Iowa Core Team in place as acting leaders with Iowa Core. They help guide the rest of the staff with implementing the Iowa Core in the classroom. It is imperative to have the Iowa Core Team revisit the Self-Study each year and discuss where the district’s implementation is currently at and how to move forward. Through collaboration, the Iowa Core Team should focus on the six outcomes:
1.    School leaders build and sustain system capacity to implement the Iowa Core.
2.    Community members and other supporting agencies work together to support the implementation of the Iowa Core.
3.    A continuous improvement process to improve teaching and learning is used at the district and school level.
4.    District leaders and other educators monitor and use data to increase the degree of alignment of each and every student’s enacted curriculum and other relevant educational opportunities to the Iowa Core.
5.    Educators engage in professional development focused on implementing Characteristics of Effective Instruction and demonstrate understanding of Essential Concepts and Skills.
6.    Educators implement effective instructional practices to ensure high levels of learning for each and every student.
If a district needs assistance with Iowa Core they can contact Northwest AEA’s Iowa Core Lead, Jody Still Herbold at or 712-222-6213

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