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Realizing the Promise of Open-Ended Questions
Barbara A. Wasik Annemarie H. Hindman

Blog Written By:  Teresa Murray, NWAEA Instructional/CIM Coach


How many open-ended prompts / questions did you ask your children today?

When a child responded to you, how did you follow-up with meaningful feedback?

What did you learn about your students by asking open-ended prompts?

In asking open-ended prompts, did you encourage children to use vocabulary words that you were working on in the classroom?

According to Wasik and Hindman (2013-2014), open-ended questions or prompts provide opportunities for children to express their ideas and to receive feedback from both adults and peers on what they have shared. 

You may be thinking to yourself this sounds “do-able,” but could you use some additional guidance on HOW to fit this into your already busy day or HOW to ensure children respond and receive effective feedback on their responses. 

If so, I encourage you to visit the December 2013/January 2014 issue of The Reading Teacher to learn more.  Understanding the importance of extending conversations and providing feedback to create language-rich experiences for our students is crucial in providing opportunities to expand students’ ideas in more rich and elaborated ways. 

Wasik, B., & Hindman, A. (2013-2014).  Realizing the Promise of Open-Ended Questions.  The
Reading Teacher, 67(4), 302-311.

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