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Using Anchor Charts as an

Effective Teaching/Learning Tool


Blog Written By:  Teresa Murray, NWAEA Instructional/CIM Coach


Not so very long ago, it would have been very typical to enter a classroom, especially in the elementary grades, and catch a glimpse of store-bought educational charts displayed on the walls, windows, and bulletin boards.  Fast-forward to today and the push is for more co-created (teacher and students) charts displayed in the classroom to support the teaching and learning environment. The term we hear in many classrooms is “anchor charts”.

So what are anchor charts?  An anchor chart is a tool used to support instruction and to move students toward achieving success with lessons taught in class.  Anchor charts are created during the instruction of a lesson. As the teacher models the strategy or skill, the important points are written on chart paper. Once the lesson is complete, the chart is placed in a convenient student-friendly location that the students can access independently as use as a resource or tool. This is another vehicle for academic support, especially for the visual learner. The beauty of an anchor chart is that it can be displayed as needed or determined by the student work. Some anchor charts live all year long in the classroom, while others are only displayed during the current unit of study.





Resources for Anchor Charts:

~Just to mention a few~


·      K-2 Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach K-2 Informational Text and Literature Paperback – by Rozlyn Linder Ph.D.  (Author)


·      Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach 3-8 Informational Text and Literature Paperback – by Rozlyn Linder Ph.D.  (Author)


·      Smarter Charts K-2: Optimizing an Instructional Staple to Create Independent Readers and WritersPaperback – by Marjorie Martinelli  (Author), Kristine Mraz (Author)


·      Smarter Charts for Math, Science, and Social Studies: Making Learning Visible in the Content Areas Paperback – by Kristine Mraz (Author), Marjorie Martinelli  (Author)





Thanks for the informative post. Anchor charts are one of the best methods of scheduling the topics and providing a short description on it and placing in front of the students in the classroom, this gives a quick learning to the students. Please share such useful insights and keep us updated.
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