Posted on 10/12/2017 at 12:03 PM by Liz Determan

The 2017 ISTS Conference was recently help and it posed to have some great cutting-edge resources and science practices. Below are some key points and resources that may be useful to you.


Session 1

  • Earth and Space Science: Looking for some great data? Check out

  • How are meeting the needs of your students? Think about if all your students were blind. How would you teach them? It is worth considering doing some of the same practices for the students you have now!

  • Some concepts we teach are very abstract, which makes it tough to teach. Think about starting with something concrete, moving to abstract, then back to concrete.

  • For more information, check out


Session 2

  • HS Literacy in science is happening in the state of Iowa.

  • How are you generating questions before reading?

  • Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning (4th ed) by Doug Buehl Book

  • Read passage (partner reading) then draw what you read in your notebook.

  • Teachers need to keep their own notebook - Then put the teachers notebook online!

  • The Short History of Nearly Everything Book

  • Reading Strategies

Partner Reading

ABC frontloading

Author Say/I Say


Reading Guides



Here are some great free resources! Check them out from @Concorddotorg and @chaddorsey - Concord Consortium - Papermech - Data


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