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Information provided by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (

Myth: Once a student is “on” a 504 Plan, there is no way to get them “off” of one.

Reality: Clearly, if a student’s 504 team no longer sees evidence of a disability within the educational setting, the team can reconvene and suggest that the provision of 504 services is not necessary any more. Because this would be considered to be a “change in placement” for the student, the school must provide notice of the proposed change to the parents and a copy of the Parent Rights/Procedural Safeguards. 

Best practice would be that this determination to end services would be done in a team meeting with all team members present.  If the parent disagrees with any action regarding the identification, evaluation, or discontinuation of services, they have a right to initiate an impartial hearing under Section 504.

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