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Review Section 504, Title II Policy Guidance

Section 504 Compliance Advisor, Vol. 20, Is. 5, p.9. July 2016

“In addition to its efforts to promote ‘excellence in education,’ OCR notes in its report that in FY2015 it continued to take steps to ensure equal access to educational opportunity through the release of policy guidance.  Of the nine guidance documents OCR released last fiscal year, several relate to Section 504 and Title II of the ADA.  Review them with your staff:

  • Dear Colleague Letter:  Responding to Bullying of Students with Disabilities, 64 IDELR 115 (OCR 2014).  This letter addresses schools’ obligation to respond to bulling when it denies FAPE to a student with a disability.  It also addresses schools’ obligation to respond to disability-based harassment.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Effective Communication for Students with Hearing, Vision, or Speech Disabilities in Pub. Elementary and Secondary Schs., 64 IDELR 180 (DOJ/OSERS/OCR 2014).  Following a case involving a student’s request for communication access real-time translation services, this FAQ addresses effective communications for students with communication disabilities under Section 504 and Title II.
  • Dear Colleague Letter, 64 IDELR 284 (OCR 2014).  This letter discusses the applicability of federal civil rights laws to juvenile justice residential facilities.
  • Fact Sheet:  Addressing the Risk of Measles in Schools while Protecting the Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities.  This fact sheet discusses how to support unvaccinated students with disabilities who cannot come to school due to contagious disease outbreaks.
  • Fact Sheet: Implementing CC’s Ebola Guidance for Schools while Protecting the Civil Rights of Students and Others.  This fact sheet addresses the implementation of the Centers for Disease Control’s guidance related to ebola.
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