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Since beginning my work in Section 504 for Northwest Area Education Agency, I have continued to learn many of the misconceptions and myths believed to be true about Section 504. Every so often, it is good to review those just in case someone has missed some of the trainings offered over the past few years I thought I would share these myths and see if you know whether they are true or false.

  1. True or False Section 504 plans go with students when they transition from high school to college.
  2. True or False Students do not need to have a medical diagnosis to be eligible for Section 504.

So, how did you do?  

#1 is False. Section 504 plans may be given to the postsecondary institutions, but they do not have to use those plans and may choose to offer other accommodations and options for support than what the high school provided to the student. Any postsecondary institution that receives federal dollars must provide Section 504 for students, but they do not have to mimic the high school’s plan.

#2 is True. Districts need to have a Section 504 Coordinator as well as an Equity Coordinator or Title IX Coordinator. These roles are not the same roles and have different responsibilities. The Section 504 Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the 504 plans developed by the district teams that conduct the evaluation and eligibility of the student and the development of any plan if eligibility has been determined. They are NOT responsible for writing the Section 504 plans by themselves or independently from other staff, teachers, parents, or community partners as appropriate. 

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