Posted on 10/19/2018 at 01:52 PM by Blog Experts

Just this past week, I received an email asking this exact question. It got me thinking about current practices and what is out there TODAY.

I can remember when we had Don Treffinger come to the AEA and speak to teachers about this topic....but that was about seven years ago. The items that could be recommended were solid activities and his book Creative Problem Solving (3rd edition) has been a great resource. I grabbed my book and saw a copyright date of 2000. The thought that I was sending teachers to a book that was 18 years old sent a shock through me. As good these are, there HAVE to be newer items that have been researched and created.  

I have requested three new items for our media center, and they were ordered. We will have new and exciting books/materials for creativity that you can check out. Take a look and reserve yours:


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