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(AEA Special Education Procedures Manual Release Notes July 1, 2017)

“4+ services are secondary services which are part of the student’s secondary schooling and included in his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP). Specifically, the purpose of the [4+] services is to fulfill unmet transition needs resulting from the student’s disability as identified in the student’s IEP.

“4+ services are those provided through a district’s continuum of services which fill any gaps between instruction designed for the student to complete a district’s secondary general education requirements (including Carnegie units) and completion of Free

Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Services must be provided when the student needs them, for as long as the student needs them, as long as the student is eligible to receive special education services.” 

Guidance on 4+ Services, Iowa Department of Education; January 2017

4+ programs and services may be located at a site other than the high school.  They may be located at a community college, in the community through a collaborative program with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (known as the Transition Alliance Program), or in the community through other providers.

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