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Welcome to Northwest AEA Creative Services! Our Creative Services team can help you create and produce professional looking posters, banners, brochures, signage and more to enhance your teaching needs. We can help you make your classroom and school(s) become a more positive learning environment. A positive environment can influence student learning. Let’s get started!

Meet the Creative Services team.

Contact Information:

Patti Bryan                                                                                        
Creative Services Supervisor 
800/352-9040 Ex. 6072

Caitlin Casey
Graphic Designer
800/352-9040 Ext. 6075

Emalee DeWeerd
Print Technician/Billing
800/352-9040 Ext. 6139

Minerva Van Ginkel
Secretary/Production Technician
800/352-9040 Ext. 6284

Georganne Welding
Print Technician
800/352-9040 Ext. 6071