Northwest AEA staff in the Educational Services division provide consulting, technical assistance and professional learning opportunities in the development of quality curriculum, research-based instructional strategies and authentic student assessment for the purposes of increasing academic achievement for each and every learner.

Services are provided in many areas such as: reading, math and science; new teacher mentoring and induction; school improvement planning; early childhood; English Language Learners (ELL); gifted education, Iowa Core alignment, Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) and differentiated instruction.

Our educational consultants will work to support the school administrators, leadership teams, and teacher leaders in their efforts to improve outcomes for students, especially in the areas of  School Improvement, professional development planning, instructional coaching, mentor training, Iowa Core Deeper Investigations, Schools and Districts in Need of Assistance (SINA/DINA), Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) for Phase I schools, and Early Literacy Implementation (ELI) for ELI schools.   

The model will provide:
●    educational consultants assigned to specific districts and schools as primary AEA contacts, meeting with school personnel on a bi-monthly or as-needed basis.  
●    administrative, teacher leader, and teacher networking opportunities across all schools.
●    consultation and instructional opportunities across all schools in the Iowa Core content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.
●    consultation and instructional opportunities across all schools in the student-centered areas of  English Language Learners, Gifted Education, Early Childhood, Competency-based Education, Career and Technical Education, School Counseling, Student Events, classroom management, and Equity.
●    consultation and instructional services across all schools in the educator-centered areas of School Improvement, Licensure Renewal, Mentoring and Induction, and Curriculum Coordination



Katy Evenson
Director of Educational Services
800/352-9040 Ext. 6019