Update on Renewing Evaluator Approval - Members of the Board of Educational Examiners and the Department of Education met to discuss "Evaluator Approval" options in the wake of the pending recommendations (i.e., teaching/leadership standards and evaluation process/tools) from the Council on Educator Development.

In the interim, an administrator and/or evaluator seeking renewal of his/her evaluator approval license has three options:

Option 1: Take iEvaluate 1.2 through AEA PD Online for two licensure renewal credits.
Option 2: Take Assessing Academic Rigor as offered through your AEA for two licensure renewal credits.
Option 3: Take Fierce Conversations as offered through your AEA for two licensure renewal credits.
If you are new to Iowa or were prepared at an out-of-state preparation institution and seeking your Iowa administrator license, you must take iEvaluate 1.2 through AEA PD Online.
For any additional administrator/evaluator licensure questions, please contact Greg Horstmann (greg.horstmann@iowa.gov). For evaluator course information, please contact Matt Ludwig (matt.ludwig@iowa.gov).

For more information regarding the Evaluator Approval Program in Iowa, see the DE, BoEE, your respective AEA website, or contact Matt Ludwig, leadership consultant, at 515-281-3750or matt.ludwig@iowa.gov. For licensure questions, contact Greg Horstmann at 515-281-3587or greg.horstmann@iowa.gov.



Evaluator Approval Levels I & II: iEvaluate

The Iowa Department of Education, in partnership with AEA PD Online, is now offering Evaluator 1 & 2 online, packaged together in a 2-credit course entitled iEvaluate. For more information, please go the Department of Education website: Teacher Evaluation.

•    The iEvaluate Teacher online course is meant for administrators, athletic directors, or other educational professionals responsible for evaluating teachers, coaches, etc.

•    The iEvaluate Administrator online course is intended for administrators responsible for evaluating principals and other building/district administrators.

This course is 2 licensure renewal credits. The cost to the participant is a $170 standard fee for 2 licensure renewal credits.  The course is designed to take 5-6 weeks. Participants will need to have the ability to record digitally their teacher/administrator conferences.  

Registration is located on the AEA PD Online website: AEA PD Online.

Evaluator Approval Level III

1.    Four credit hours are needed for renewal of the administrator license at Level III.

2.    It is highly recommended by the Iowa Department of Education to take the Assessing Academic Rigor course which is currently available in all of the AEAs. This option will count for two of the four credits needed.

3.    In addition:
       a.   In-state administrators may take another course for credit with research-based content which aligns with the work of their district or their own individual professional development. This course must have AEA licensure renewal credit or a semester credit from a regionally accredited institution.


       b.  They may take the Fierce Conversations course which is a two credit course offered through each of the AEAs.

Learn more about Iowa Evaluator Approval and Traning on the Iowa Department of Education website here.