Northwest AEA provides for the educational needs of students that are temporarily placed in the following sites: Woodbury County Detention Center located in Sioux City; Northwest Iowa Youth Emergency Services Detention Center located in Cherokee; and the Crittenton Center Shelter located in Sioux City. Children and youth from all of Northwest AEA and most of northwest Iowa are served by these sites. Youth are placed in a detention center by Juvenile Court Services (JCS) for criminal activity and most children served at the shelter are placed for their protection by the Department of Human Services (DHS). The length of placement in these programs is determined by the time legal proceedings take.

State legislation required for the provision of educational services of children and youth in shelter care and detention was enacted in 1978. AEA's were determined to be best suited for serving these regional facilities that often encompass multiple school districts. This legislation also directed that the Iowa AEA system provide for the educational program with a state funding allocation process allowing for the provision of educational services without a bill-back for services to districts of residence (LEA) by the AEA with the exception for some special education expenses that can be recovered.

The three previously mentioned facilities serve more than 600 students each school year. About 40 percent of students served in these programs have IEPs and an over-representation of ethnic, social and economic sub-groups. Upon the legal system determination of facility admittance, the juvenile home education program staff will contact the LEA that the student will attend school while in this temporary placement. The LEA should consider time and work effort of these juvenile home placements as a program extension of their LEA educational program. Collaboration in providing information and coordination of educational efforts will help to keep students on track with content knowledge and the credit earning needed for proficiency and graduation. These Northwest AEA education programs can also assist in the standardized test taking process that can enhance LEA participation rates.


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Director of Educational Services
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