Bullying/harassment is when a person is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions by one or more others. Bullying/Harassment implies an imbalance in power or strength. The student who is bullied/harassed has difficulty defending him/herself. We also know there can be lasting effects for a person who has experienced bullying/harassment.

In the spring of 2007 the Iowa legislature created SF61 that includes employees, volunteers, and students. It defined harassment and bullying, and required both public and non-public schools to develop a policy regarding anti-harassment and anti-bullying. It also requires the collection and reporting of data, and encourages the development of programs.

Data to support need

Iowa Youth Survey
District/Building Data
Discipline referrals
Suspension/expulsion data
Attendance data (students and staff)
Achievement data
Graduation rate
District/building student bullying surveys

Program Focus and/or Program Goals

Reduce existing bully/victim problems among students
Prevent the development of new problems
Improve peer relations
Improve school climate
Involve students, staff, parents and community
Adults as positive role models
Firm limits
Reduce related anti-social behaviors
Improved academic achievement


To follow the Comprehensive School Improvement Model:
1) What do the data tell you?
2) What will you do?
3) How will we know there is change?
4) How will we evaluate?
Follow the Iowa Professional Development Model:
1) Collection and analysis of student outcomes
2) Goal setting
3) Select evidence-based programs or resources
4) Design process of professional development
5) Planning, training and learning opportunities
6) Collaboration and implementation
7) Ongoing data collection and evaluation

School Staff Time

Development of building leadership team.
Duties to plan time, data and process to follow through with building commitment.

AEA Support

As needed
Possible suggestions:
•support the School Improvement Model and IPDM plan
•continued support with research and resources that specifically speak to the district/building needs.
•survey support, complete with reports

Potential Costs

Printing costs (if needed)

Evaluation Plan

SWIS (School Wide Information System) or HEART data collected throughout the year. Needs to include attendance, behavior referral, etc. (as stated in "Data to Support Need" column)
Anti-bullying surveys (could include staff and parents as well as students)
Iowa Youth Survey

Anti-Bullying Resources


Katy Evenson