Behavior Management is a teacher's ability to cooperatively manage time, space, resources and student behavior to provide a positive climate that encourages learning for all students.

Data to support need

Iowa Youth Survey
Discipline and referral (classroom and school wide referrals)
Suspension/explusion data
IEP/IPLAN/RTI (Student data, desegregated by race/ethnicity, gender, SES etc.)
ELL data (testing, numbers in classes)
Attendance data (students and staff)
Achievement data
Graduation/dropout rates
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
Individual Professional Development Plan

Program Focus and/or Program Goals

Strategies to improve classroom behavior
Strategies to have effective classroom management
Safe and orderly environment
Create a positive learning culture
Provide a continuum of social, emotional, and behavioral support for all students
Reduce the number of discipline referrals, suspensions and expulsions
Reduce the over-representation of subgroups on IEPS/IPLANS
Increase utilization of social, emotional services for subgroups
Improved academic achievement
Increase graduation rates


Consultants can work as a staff, private consultative services in large groups, small groups or individually
Professional development and consultative services
Consultants can meet, plan, and implement professional development to meet the schools need and wishes
Professional development (utilizing the Iowa Professional Development Model)
Embed cultural competence into school improvement plans
Analyze and utilize data to focus on student achievement for all groups of students

School Staff Time

Utilize licensure renewal and graduate credit to gain awareness, knowledge, skills and strategies in becoming culturally competent
Implement classroom behavior management strategies

AEA Support

Utilize AEA staff as professional development instructors and consultants
Assist with the development of behavior and classroom management plans
Utilize AEA staff to help meet the needs of teachers' Individual Professional Development Plans
Utilize AEA staff to help teachers on assistance plans
Assist teachers in need as well as teachers in their first two years of teaching

Potential Costs

Materials costs
Participants pay licensure renewal/graduate credit fees through Northwest AEA Professional Development department

Evaluation Plan

Iowa Youth Survey
Discipline and referral data
Suspension and expulsion data
Desegregated IEP/IPLAN/RTI data
ELL data
Student achievement data (numbers of subgroups in accelerated, post-secondary classes, GPA's)
Attendance data
Graduation/dropout rates
Mentor/mentee data
Human resource data on retaining young teachers in the district or agency

Program Offerings

I Can Do It Classroom Management
All School Behavior Management
Using Real Colors
Differentiated Instruction Through the Colors and Learning Styles
School Wide Information System (SWIS)
HEART: Heartland Educational Assessment Resource Toolbox

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