Cultural Competence is the ability to successfully teach students who come from cultures other than their own.  It entails developing personal and interpersonal awareness's and sensitivities, learning specific bodies of cultural knowledge and mastering a set of skills that when utilized represent effective cross-cultural teaching (Diller and Moule, 2005)

Data to Support Need

Iowa Youth Survey
Discipline and referral (classroom and school wide referrals)
Suspension/expulsion data
IEP/IPLAN/RTI (Student Data, desegregated by race/ethnicity, gender, SES etc.)
ELL (testing, numbers in classes)
Attendance data (students and staff
Achievement data
Graduation/dropout rates

Program Focus

Create positive learning culture
Provide a continuum of social, emotional and behavioral support for all students
Reduce the number of discipline referrals, suspension and expulsions
Reduce the over representation of subgroups on IEPS, IPLANS
Increase utilization of social, emotional services for subgroups
Improved academic achievement
Increase graduation rates


Professional development (utilizing the Iowa Professional Development Model)
Embed cultural competence into school improvement plans
Analyze and utilize data to focus on student achievement for all groups of students

School Staff Time

Implement and integrate cultural competence in all professional development utilizing IPDM
Utilize licensure renewal, graduate credit to gain awareness, knowledge, skills and strategies in becoming culturally competent

AEA Support

Utilize AEA staff as professional development instructors and consultants

Potential Costs

Material costs
Participants pay licensure renewal/graduate credit fees through NWAEA Professional Development department

Evaluation Plan

Iowa Youth Survey
Discipline and referral data
Suspension and expulsion data
Desegregated IEP/IPLAN/RTI data
ELL Data
Student achievement data (number of subgroups in accelerated, post-secondary classes, GPA's)
Attendance data
Graduation/dropout rates

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