Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a system for creating and sustaining a positive school climate by achieving important social and learning outcomes. Implementation of PBIS enables schools to: establish a positive behavioral culture in which all students can experience success, reduce behavioral disruptions in the school, and create a safe and effective learning environment to enhance student achievement.

The focus of PBIS is to invest in prevention using strategies that include:

•    Clearly defining the behaviors expected of students in all school settings.
•    Actively teaching students the expected behaviors and purposefully modeling expectations.
•    Using a system to acknowledge students' appropriate behavior with tangible and natural reinforcers.
•    Establishing consequences for disruptive behaviors that are consistent across school settings.
•    Providing additional support for students with more intensive social and behavioral needs.
•    Using a data collection system to help guide decision-making regarding issues of discipline.

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