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Association for Positive Behavior Support (

The Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) is an international organization dedicated to promoting research-based strategies that combine applied behavior analysis and biomedical science with person-centered values and systems change to increase quality of life and decrease problem behaviors. The Association is made up of professionals, family members, trainers, consumers, researchers, and administrators who are involved and interested in positive behavior support.

OSEP Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (

The Center on Positive Behavior Supports Website supported by the University of Oregon and the Department of Education.  It provides links to research material, training material, resource materials for coaches, including a newsletter.

Iowa Department of Education PBIS


The following link has videos that were taken from the National PBIS forums.



PBIS Apps is a web application that enables schools implementing positive behavior support in their schools to monitor progress, solicit feedback from teachers and other staff, adjust to local needs and challenges, and identify accomplishments.

School-Wide Information System is a web-based information system used to improve the behavior support in elementary, middle (junior high), and high schools. The purpose of SWIS is to provide school personnel with accurate, timely, and practical information for making decisions about discipline systems. School personnel collect on-going information about discipline events in their school, and enter this information through protected, web-based software. SWIS provides summaries of this information for use in the design of effective behavior support for individual students, groups of students, or the whole student body. With accurate and timely information, school personnel can make decisions that transform schools into safe, orderly, and supportive environments.

 Description taken from the SWIS User's Manual 2003, Version 3.0
Anne W. Todd and Robert H. Horner (eds.)