The purpose of mentoring and induction is to help new teachers transition into teaching successfully. Mentoring and induction also serves to help keep new teachers in the field of education. The program is grounded in high expectations for new teachers and their students.

Teachers enrolled in the program are paired with a veteran teacher who supports the new teacher during their first two years of teaching. With this support, first-year teachers have access to new strategies, classroom management techniques, answers to grading questions and other information, which in turn increases student achievement.

If you would like to see what topics are typically covered during the course of the mentoring and induction program you can view the syllabus for Year 1 and Year 2.

Districts interested in enrolling new teachers into the mentoring and induction program are encouraged to contact Northwest AEA.


Kristi Wilshire
Educational Consultant
800/352-9040 Ext. 6066