I.  Mentor Induction Forms for Year 1 and Year 2
    a.  Iowa Teaching Standards
    b.  Monthly Checklist for Discussion
    c.  Portfolio Artifacts Form 1
    d.  Portfolio Artifacts Form 2
    e   Revised Criteria
    f.  Classroom Observation
   g.  College Credit for Beginning Educators
    h.   College Credit for Mentors
     i.   Steps to a Positive Parent-Teacher Conference
     j.   Mentoring Induction Registration 2012
    k.  Ethics and Criteria
    l.    Beginning Teacher Licensure
    m.  Classroom Observation
    n.  Collaborative Log
    o..  Teaching Environment Profile
    p.  Grading Rubric

II. Year 1 Information
    a.  Generation Conversation
    b.  Checklist Year 1
    c.  Year 1 Dates
    d. New additions to the ISEA Book

III. Year 2 Information
    a.  Year 2  Checklist
    b   Year 2 Dates

V. Learning Projects
Pages 1-34 Year 1   Mentoring
Pages 35-64 Year 2 Mentoring

VI. Portfolio Information
    a.  Elements of a Portfolio
    b.  E Portfolio (Mac)
    c.  E Portfolio (PC)
    d.  Scanner How To
    e   To make a copy of your Portfolio
    f.  Comprehensive Evaluation

VII. Northwest AEA Resources
   a.  Intro to Northwest AEA Services
   b.  AEA Online