The Science Center Kits includes:

Northwest Area Education Agency Science Center Kits

Grade Earth Science Life Science Physical Science



FOSS Air & Weather STC Organisms STC Balancing and Weighing
2 FOSS Pebbles, Sand, and Silt FOSS Insects FOSS Solids and Liquids
3 FOSS Sun, Moon, and Stars FOSS Structures of Life
4 STC Rocks and Minerals FOSS Human Body FOSS Energy and Electromagnetism
5 STC Land and Water FOSS Living Systems FOSS Mixtures and Solutions
6 FOSS Solar Energy STC Microworlds FOSS Variables

* Kits may be used at a different grade then listed when differentiation takes place and aligns with your standards. 

* These kits can and are aligned with Iowa Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

STEM Scale Up Grant Kits

Grade Scale Up Company Kit Name Information Link
K - 3rd A World in Motion (AWIM) Rolling Things Link
K - 3rd A World in Motion (AWIM) Straw Rockets Link
3rd - 12th KidWind Advanced Wind Turbine Link
4th - 6th A World in Motion (AWIM) JetToy Kit Link

4th - 6th

A World in Motion (AWIM)

Gravity Cruiser


4th - 8th


Mcguyver Challenge


6th - 8th

A World in Motion (AWIM)

Fuel Cell Cars


7th - 12th


SimpleGEN Pack



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