Northwest AEA Science Center (Science & STEM Kits)

Northwest Area Education Agency maintains a Science Materials Center in order to help schools improve student achievement by implementing research-based science instruction in grades kindergarten through eight. The center maintains a collection of FOSS (Full Option Science System) and STC (Science and Technology Concepts) kits that can be checked out by teachers trained in their use. The kits are scheduled on fall, winter and spring time schedules.

The Science Center provides training for teachers in the use of the kits each summer. It takes half a day to train for each kit. The full three days of training consist of two days of kit training at each grade level kindergarten through five, and one day of training in the STAR Lab and science notebooking strategies.

Teachers wishing to be trained can attend any or all of the days. One  staff development renewal credit can be earned by attending any two days or 15 hours of class time. Graduate credit may be earned as well with additional requirements.  Teacher manuals are provided for teachers to use during the training, however the district must purchase teacher manuals for the teacher to use.

The Science Center is designed to pay its own way. As such, the center charges schools for the use of kits. The prices are based upon a depreciation factor for the kit, the cost of refurbishment, the cost for any specimens and the cost of delivery. The Science Center also provides student manuals at print cost.


The Science Center Kits includes:

Northwest Area Education Agency Science Center Kits

Grade Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
K STC Exploring my Weather STC Exploring Plants and Animals  STC Exploring Forces and Motion
  FOSS Trees FOSS Animals 2x2 FOSS Wood & Paper
1 FOSS Air & Weather STC Organisms STC Balancing and Weighing
2 FOSS Pebbles, Sand, and Silt FOSS Insects FOSS Solids and Liquids
3 FOSS Sun, Moon, and Stars FOSS Structures of Life FOSS Measurement
4 STC Rocks and Minerals FOSS Human Body FOSS Energy and Electromagnetism
5 STC Land and Water  FOSS Living Systems FOSS Mixtures and Solutions
6 FOSS Solar Energy STC Microworlds FOSS Variables

* Kits may be used at a different grade then listed when differentiation takes place and aligns with your standards. 

* These kits can and are aligned with Iowa Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

STEM Scale Up Grant Kits

Grade Scale Up Company Kit Name Information Link
K - 3rd A World in Motion (AWIM) Rolling Things Link
K - 3rd A World in Motion (AWIM) Straw Rockets Link
3rd - 12th KidWind Advanced Wind Turbine Link
4th - 6th A World in Motion (AWIM) JetToy Kit Link
4th - 6th A World in Motion (AWIM) Gravity Cruiser Link
4th - 8th KidWind Mcguyver Challenge Link
6th - 8th A World in Motion (AWIM) Fuel Cell Cars Link
7th - 12th KidWind SimpleGEN Pack Link

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For more information on a kit, please contact Kim Noteboom or Jordan Menning

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