The purpose of student programs and activities is to provide students with opportunities to share their talents and expertise in academic areas. The mission of this service is to make the opportunities available to all students; to ensure these programs and activities extend the students' learning; and to allow students to showcase their academic talents.

Some of the annual student programs and activities include: (DATES will be announced when known)

  • Senate Youth - high school junior or senior (one per school district) who is a member of the student council, and who is nominated by his/her principal
  • Harvest - K-12 students whose writing or artwork is submitted for publication by their classroom teachers
  • History Day - students in grades four through twelve who are interested in exploring events in history
  • Math Bees - teachers put together a team of students for the sixth-grade competition.
  • NASA Space Settlement Design Competition - students are organized into four competing teams, or "companies" to design a facility in space that will accommodate several thousand people in a realistic scenario set in the later years of this century. Contact Jordan Menning at Northwest AEA.

Teachers interested in these activities can register their students for these events, or, in the case of Harvest, teachers submit the students' writing or artwork.


Judy Sweetman
Educational Consultant
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