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A Vision of K-12 Students Today

On this web page you will be able to download the C-Plan template and also watch a video on how to use it.

Iowa Core Implementation Planning and Self-Studies:
These web pages will give you access to the Implementation Plan template, self-studies, and tutorials for entering the Implementation Plan on EdInfo.  C-Plan will not be used for the Iowa Core Implementation Plan until December of 2012.

ICAT or Iowa Core Alignment Tool:
This web page contains the tools used to work with the ICAT tool.  It also gives information on the Characteristics of Quality Alignment Work that can be applied to tools other than ICAT.

Characteristics of Effective Instruction:
The Exploring the Iowa Core course on the AEA PD Online Moodle contains tools and facilitation guides for professional development related to the Characteristics of Effective Instruction.  The Characteristics of Effective Instruction are specifically found in the Teaching and Learning section of the course Exploring the Iowa Core found at

Iowa Core Essential Concepts and Skills: (Left-hand side of webpage)

Smarter Balanced Assessment: