The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) provides leadership in practitioner licensure and practitioner rights, responsibilities, practices and ethics.

Their vision is to recognize that practitioners who serve in the schools of Iowa today will shape the values and capabilities of future generations. To enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Iowa, The Board’s vision will emphasize excellence and equity at all levels of the educational profession.

The Board examines complex issues of professional development and licensure; it acts to protect the interest of students and practitioners.

Guiding Principles:

·      Establishing a system of licensure that is efficient, innovative, and responsive to contemporary needs of educators.

·      Collaborating with other organizations to improve professional development and preparation programs.

·      Establishing and enforcing high standards of professional practice through licensure.

·      Providing leadership to improve education.

·      Increasing professionalism and raising the recognition of education as a profession.

·      Increasing practitioner involvement and awareness in the Board’s work.

·      Treating all educators equitably.


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