Online renewal - You can now renew your license online! Go to the Board of Educational Examiner's web site - and you'll see a link to do this. If you are renewing using coursework taken through the AEAs, use zeros for the course numbers. If you have an expired license and are not currently practicing in Iowa, do not renew online! It will automatically charge you a late fee!

Transcripts - The AEA automatically sends out a transcript at the completion of an activity. You can request an additional transcript (grade reports are not accepted by the BOEE) for classes taken through the AEA by calling the registrar at the AEA - Joyce Vander Wilt 1-800-572-5073 . If you registered for any classes directly through a college, request a transcript directly from the college.

Additional requirements - Complete the Mandatory Reporter training and obtain evidence of completion. (See the FAQ on this topic elsewhere in this catalog.)

Application for Renewal form - Licensure forms are available from the Staff Development office, in this catalog, or can be downloaded from the link to the Board of Educational Examiner's web site -
Submit - Send all of the above information in one envelope, along with the appropriate fees, to the Board of

Educational Examiners:
Timeline - You can renew up to a year in advance, but the issue date will not be moved up! However, if you renew this early, courses you take before the issue date of your new license (the last day of your birth month) may not count! (for more information, see next question.)

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