Computer Disposal

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's) contain hazardous materials. In your discarded computer monitors and televisions there are large quantities of lead, phosphorous, cadmium, barium and mercury. As a product, these hazardous materials are safely sealed. When the monitor is sent to a landfill, heavy equipment is used to compact the waste. This crushing and smashing of the waste causes the hazardous materials to be released into the surrounding area, and a leaching process occurs as a result of this CRT breakage.  These toxic materials will eventually find their way into our water supply. There is also an airborne lead poisoning problem when the glass of a monitor is crushed.

The health risks associated with inhalation of the lead-bearing particles can be deadly. Other health risks associated with contact of these substances can include respiratory, pneumonitis, and neuropsychiatry problems.

Working with a recycler who properly dismantles computer equipment will ensure that these hazardous components do not end up in our landfills.

Northwest AEA works with two companies that will pick up equipment and recylce it properly. There is no charge for this service. Contact Jeff Sypersma at Please provide details of the equipment to be disposed

Electronic Portfolios

PowerPoint templates are available for teachers and administrators to download. The teacher portfolios are designed to follow the eight Iowa teaching standards. Resources are available at Northwest AEA for teachers who need access to high speed scanners and video equipment. Click here for the downloadable templates. Professional development classes are also available either at the AEA or onsite. Contact Jeff Sypersma at for more information.

New Equipment Proposals

After a site review, Northwest AEA can help create a proposal including hardware, software, vendors and price. Using resources such at the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC) or Iowa AV Coop, we try to provide the best price possible to the district. Contact Jeff Sypersma at

Purchasing Support

If your district is thinking about purchasing additional hardware or software, Northwest AEA will be happy to discuss your requirements. Our partner, Prairie Lakes AEA, will assist your district with product selection, pricing, vendor and support options. Contact Jeff Sypersma at Northwest AEA for more information at

Technology Audit Site Visit

The technology team will work with districts needing technology audits. We will schedule a time with the district technology director and administration to help determine the technological needs of the district. Contact Bradey Malloy or Jeff Sypersma at for more information.