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I Love You Guys Training

April 15, 2019

TIME: 8:00 registration/check-in    

           8:30 - 3:30 workshop

LOCATION: Logan Christian Church

PURPOSE: Inform school and community counterparts about Standard Response Protocol (Evacuate, Shelter, Lockout, Lockdown, Hold) and Standard Reunification Method, discuss important response components within comprehensive school safety plans, begin/continue multidisciplinary team discussion and planning, initiate &/or strengthen collaboration between school staff members and first responders.

TARGET AUDIENCE: School safety/crisis team members, administrators, Green Hills AEA staff, local first responders (law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency management)

Optimal planning and discussion will occur when school staff and community first responders attend this workshop together. Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method both rely on the understanding that in a crisis event:

  • Law Enforcement owns the crime
  • Fire Department owns the fire
  • EMS owns the patient
  • School staff owns the students

FEATURED PRESENTER: John Michael Keyes, founder of I Love U Guys organization


QUESTIONS: Jacob Hedger, Logan-Magnolia 7-12 Guidance Counselor jhedger@lomaschools.org / 712.644.2250