Often working without fanfare and behind the scenes, paraeducators are often the lifeline for teachers to provide the individual attention students need to unlock their potential. Through continuous daily successes, students are frequently given the opportunity to maximize their education because of the efforts of paraeducators.

Why is Certification Beneficial?

  • As many school districts require paraeducators to hold an Iowa paraeducator certificate in order to be hire; a certified paraeducator is more likely to be hired over someone who is not certified. 
  • A certified paraeducator is prepared to begin employment aware of: instructional strategies, behavioral strategies, working with diverse student population, working in a variety of settings, developing professional relationships with other educational staff members, and ethical responsibilities of the profession.

Informational Brochure

Paraeducator Certification Classes - Blended Course

  • This course was collectively developed by the area education agencies offering paraeducator certification programs in Iowa. It is designed to build the competencies of people interested in becoming certified paraeducators in Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms in the areas of behavior management, exceptional child and at-risk child behavior, collaboration skills, interpersonal relations skills, child and youth development, technology and ethical responsibilities and behavior.
  • The Paraeducator Generalist Certification-Blended course involves some face-to-face meetings and the remaining times are a completion of online units. Participants need to have access to a computer and the Internet to complete this course.