IDEA (2004 Reauthorization) requires LEAs to ensure that all students with disabilities (IEPs and Section 504 Plans) who require AIM receive these materials in a timely manner. AIM refers to textbooks, core related instructional materials, and all other printed materials that students (K-12) would use in their classrooms. 

Timely manner is defined in the Rules of Special Education as "at the same time as non-disabled peers receive their textbooks and core related instructional materials."  AIM can be rendered in four Specialized Formats:  Braille, Large Print, Audio, and Digital Text. 

IDEA also requires that LEAs who purchase textbooks and core related instructional materials after July, 2006 must require publishers/vendors in their purchasing agreements to send a National Instructional Materials Accessible Standards (NIMAS) Conformant Fileset of the textbook(s) to the National Instructional Materials Accessible Center (NIMAC).  Sample language is available at the Iowa Department of Education.  Contact Steve Mauer.

Eliglble students who have a print disability and require AIM:

  • Those who quality under the Copyright Act as Amended (blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, or have a reading disability based upon anorganic dysfunction) - Eligibility guidance available from the Iowa Department of Education.  Contact Steve Mauer.
  • Those who don't qualify under the Copyright Act as Amended (whose print disability still requires the use of AIM in order for them to progress in the general education curriculum) - Guidance is being developed.  Contact Steve Mauer.

For questions or further information, please contact Cindy Munn, Assistive Technology Supervisor, Northwest Area Education Agency,, telephone 712-222-6042, or 800-352-9040, ext. 6042. 

Permission to use this information was obtained by the Department of Education, contact Steve Mauer. 

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