Northwest Area Education Agency provides occupational therapy services to all children and students to allow them to participate and benefit from a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. Occupational therapy services are educationally based and encompass a broad continuum of delivery options based on a problem solving approach. Occupational therapists work with parents, teachers, educational providers, caretakers in the home, school, or community to meet the educational needs of children, birth through 21 years old.

Occupational Therapists are part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Occupational Therapy Services include activities that address:

  • Activities of daily Living
    • Feeding and eating skills
    • Dressing skills
    • Hygiene skills
    • Domestic living skills
  • Educational and work Activities
    • Fine motor/visual motor
    • Functional communication; handwriting, computer use
    • Positioning
    • Pre-vocational tasks
    • Socialization skills
    • Play and leisure activities

    Occupational therapy and/or physical therapy services are considered if there is a concern that:

    • Significantly interferes with the student's ability to benefit from his/her educational program.
    • Appears to be primarily motor or sensorimotor based.
    • Documented, previous attempts to alleviate problems have not been successful.
    • Potential for change in the student's performance through intervention appears likely (change unrelated to maturity).
    • Expertise of a therapist is required.

    Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy: A Guide to Educationally Related Services was developed by: Carolyn Gibson, PT, OT & PT Supervisor; Gloria Frolek Clark, MS, OTR/L; Amy Garrett, MEd.; Lisa Smith, MPT; Amy Twetten, PT, MS


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Regional Facilitator & Hearing/Vision/OT/PT Supervisor
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