Speech-Language Therapy Services

Northwest AEA Speech-Language Pathologists provide educational speech-language therapy services to all eligible children and students (ages birth to 21 years old).  Speech pathologists work in collaboration with students, families, school staff, and communities to assist students who have communication delays and disorders.  Speech pathologists specifically assist school staff by serving on district problem-solving teams and helping teachers with student skills in articulation, literacy, language curriculum, stuttering, and voice disorders. 

Northwest AEA speech-language pathologists provide educationally based services which include:

1)  Articulation:  The correct production of sounds which include sound substitution, omission, addition, or distortion. (Click here for addtional information on articulation.)

2)  Language:  Language disorders include delays in vocabulary, concepts, sequencing, sentence length, and literacy (reading skills).  (Click here for additional information on language.)

3)  Stuttering:  A disruption in the fluency of a student's speech.  Dysfluencies may include: repetitions of sounds or words, prolongations of sounds, avoidance behaviors, or secondary characteristics.  (Click here for additional information on stuttering.)

4)  Voice:  This area may include: harch vocal quality, aphonia (lack of audible sounds), hyper or hypo nasality resonance, (i.e. cleft palage, enlarged tonsils), vocal cord paralysis.  Many voice concerns have a medical basis which needs to be addressed prior to educational speech services.  (Click here for additional information on voice.)

Northwest AEA speech-language pathologists work in these areas if there is a concern that:

  • significantly interferes with the student's ability to benefit from the general education curriculum

  • potential for change in the student's performance through intervention appears likely (change unrelated to maturity)

  • expertise of a speech-language pathologist is required

  • medical intervention is not recommended at this time


Lori Groth (Birth to 5 years old)
Data Technician
800/352-9040, Ext. 6050

Kelly Hoak (K-12)
Regional Facilitator Supervisor, Speech-Language
800/352-9040 Ext. 6306