April 28, 2021

From Theresa Dehn, PBIS coordinator at Northwest AEA:

Northwest Area Education Agency is pleased to announce our "PBIS Person of the Year”—one person who has exemplified significant accomplishments in the implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS). 

PBIS is a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework. PBIS/MTSS is a decision-making framework that addresses the “whole child,” and attends to academic and social-emotional-behavioral needs of students. Key features of MTSS include a continuum of supports with increasing intensity matched to student need, the use of research informed practices, and data for decision-making. 

Join us in celebrating this dedicated leader and champion for students, staff, and families: Lorie Nussbaum, principal at Gehlen Catholic Elementary School, as our “PBIS Person of the Year.”

Though Lorie had multiple nominations, this one in particular, sums it up best:

“Lorie exemplifies what it means to be an educational leader. Lorie doesn't just say she wants what is best for kids, she makes decisions that are truly in the best interest of student well-being and student outcomes. All of this is accomplished with one of the most genuinely contagious positive attitudes I've come across. 

Lorie has led the charge of tackling an MTSS framework for SEBH supports (no easy feat) in her building and has sustained it for years. Not only is she sustaining these efforts in order to produce positive school culture to benefit students and staff, but she is actively engaging in a continuous improvement process to ensure that they are always strengthening and improving their practices at Gehlen Catholic. 

Lorie's attention to what it takes to educate the whole child stands out in her willingness to dive right into pilot work for the Interconnected Systems Framework. She recognized the importance and potential of this integration and her team is really taking off with it under her leadership. Lorie utilizes data to drive decision-making along the way, often encouraging the team to pull from multiple sources of data including community data and climate surveys. Lorie has been so open to receiving support from a wide variety of people and provides such a welcoming environment in her building and in her team meetings.”

Congratulations and thank you to Lorie for a commitment to bettering the lives of the students, families, and staff you serve. Words cannot describe the heart you've put into your leadership over the years. Congratulations from all of us here at Northwest AEA!

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