Within the Brain Injury Resource Team...

1) Team members collaborate with AEA Core Teams to support:

  • Reintegration planning
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) process
  • Needs of families and schools
  • Educational planning to include: modifcations, accommodations and instructional strategies
  • Monitoring of progress and identification future needs
2) Team members collaborate with AEA Core Teams to connect with resources:
  • Outside agencies
  • Specialized personnel
  • Print and media resources
  • Assistive technology
3) Team Members enhance understanding of brain injury through:
  • Participation in professional development opportunities
  • Sharing of knowledge of print and media resources
  • Maintaining the Brain Injury library
  • Connection with state and national resources
  • Promotion of prevention education and activities
 Brain Injury Resource Team does not...
  • Replace the responsibilities of the core team (for example; conduct individual assessments, determine entitlement, etc.)
  • Conduct activities in isolation


Dana Oas
Regional Facilitator
800/572-5073 Ext. 7827