All kids learn in different ways, at different levels and may need additional support to achieve success. If you become concerned about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher immediately. And, if your child is struggling, his/her teacher may also request a meeting with you. Working together to find ways to help your child learn is the key.

The first step in helping your child is determining ways he/she learns best and figuring out how to help him/her in the classroom. To prepare for a meeting or phone conference, make a list of your questions, concerns, ideas and information about your child. Ask your child if there is anything that you should share. During the meeting, discuss your list, take notes and ask to see examples of your child's work, for specific examples of classroom behavior and ways to help your child at home. If you don’t understand something, ask for an explanation.

It’s also helpful to find out where the gaps are, whether it be homework, daily work, tests, etc. because it helps to pinpoint specific areas where a child may be struggling.

Keep working with your child’s teacher and if necessary, ask for a follow-up meeting, email or phone conference. Or check in yourself to see how things are going. If the strategies that were agreed upon aren’t working, it’s time to seek additional ideas and bring in others who can join the partnership to help your child reach success.

Staff at Iowa's Area Education Agencies work alongside teachers and parents to ensure all learners have the tools to be successful.

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