Student support services are provided by Northwest AEA to ensure students are in a safe and successful learning environment. Whether schools need assistance with school improvement; legislated mandates or social issues, Northwest staff will work with schools to eliminate barriers to learning.

The goal of student support services is to bring the following benefits to:

  • Students

    • Every student receives the opportunity to develop educationally and personally through these offerings
    • Use of data drives the decisions
    • Promotes a rigorous and relevant curriculum
    • Ensures equitable access to educational opportunities and support services
    • Fosters advocacy for students
    • Supports development of skills to increase student success
  • Teachers

    • Promotes an interdisciplinary team approach to address student needs and educational goals
    • Increases collaboration amongst staff to support student success
    • Supports the development and use of classroom management skills
    • Supports the learning environment
    • Promotes teaming to increase student achievement
    • Analyzes data to improve school climate and student achievement
  • Parents/Guardians

    • Promotes a philosophy that some students need more and seeks to ensure they receive it
    • Provides support in advocating for their child's academic success, personal/social development, and career awareness
    • Supports partnerships in the child’s learning and career planning
    • Ensures academic planning for every student
    • Ensures access to school and community resources
    • Connects to community and school-based services
    • Ensures equitable access to the curriculum
  • Community

    • Builds relationships between the school and community
    • Supports the academic preparation necessary for student's success in the workforce and the social development necessary for becoming contributing citizens.


Jill Helm
Student Support Services Consultant
800/352-9040 Ext. 6086