September 20, 2019, 8:30 AM

Cindy Baird ( )
Northwest AEA - Le Mars

A.M. Schedule

● Model essential foundation skills prior to paper and pencil

● Use Hands-On Letter Play to build beginning habits for letter and number formations

● Learn the developmental progression from tracing to writing letters, words, sentences, and writing

activities in the handwriting workbooks

● Implement, teach, and remediate handwriting in your setting

● Navigate HTT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™) to access and preview your

handwriting lessons and use for engaging student instruction

● Promote independent writing skills beyond workbook instruction

P.M. Schedule

● Centers will be available to practice skills and to use the materials

● Centers may include the following:

○ HITT Explore – Resources and Apps

○ Roll-A-Dough Letters and Stamp & See Screen

○ Capitals with the Mat

○ Wet Dry Try

○ Teaching Coloring Skills

○ Name Writing in Capitals

○ Hand Activity

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