April 2, 2020, 3:45 PM

Sarah Fink ( sfink@ghaea.org )

Nov. 7, 2019

Topic: Overview of School Library Program Standards and Teaching and Learning Standards; Standard 7: Advocacy & Team Building Teams

Guest Facilitator: Staci Stokes, Iowa Department of Education


Dec. 5, 2019

Topic: Standard 1: Information Literacy and Digital Literacy Through Promoting Reading

Guest Facilitator: Joan Hippen, Washington CSD


Jan. 2, 2020

Topic: Standard 2: Creating a Culture of Literacy

Guest Facilitator: Sarah Staudt, Mason City CSD


Feb. 6, 2020

Topic: Standard 3: Support Information Literacy

Guest Facilitator: Dr. Karla Krueger, University of Northern Iowa


March 5, 2020

Topic: Standard 4: Safe, Legal and Ethical Use of Digital Resources

Guest Facilitator: Nancy Flanigan, Aplington-Parkersburg CSD


April 2, 2020

Topic: Standard 5: Integrating Technology to Enhance Learning

Guest Facilitator: TBD


May 7, 2020

Topic: Standard 6: Building Engaging Learning Experiences Through Collaboration

Guest Facilitator: TBD


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