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Rural Iowa Grow Your Own School Psychologist Program Informational Event

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  • LMEliason Family Foundation Board makes another large gift to Northwest AEA in memory of Logan Eliason

  • Learn how to have Crucial Conversations

  • Are your teachers using Pear Deck? Now’s the time!

How we help educators, students, and families:

  • 1

    Accelerate children’s learning and development

    Iowa’s AEAs provide educational equity for all Iowa children with emphasis on those with diverse learning needs.

  • 2

    Inspire educators to sustain superior learning outcomes

    Iowa’s AEAs provide professional tools and learning experiences to support the implementation of evidence-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

  • 3

    Innovate with schools to maximize system effectiveness

    Iowa’s AEAs provide economies of scale, and program and infrastructure supports.

  • 4

    Partner with community organizations

    Iowa’s AEAs provide expertise to healthcare and non-profit groups so that children who are experiencing delays can be evaluated by therapists and other specialists.

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She's more than just a speech therapist, she has given our child a voice.