Youth Mental Health Awareness Month

Well-being is the foundation for success. 

Generally speaking, the healthier, more resilient, more focused, and more connected we are, the better our life outcomes.  Educators everywhere want to know how to support the well-being of their students and families. Administrators want to know how to support the well-being of their staff, students and families.  And AEA staff strive to support the well-being of all of the above.  

What do we know about supporting the well-being of others?  We know the specific program, strategy, or approach may look different from one region to the next.  Fortunately, a shared understanding and prioritization of support for social-emotional learning has been cultivated across the state of Iowa by the Statewide AEA Well-Being Team. 

The AEA Statewide Well-being Team exists to promote consistency across the Iowa AEA system to equitably provide evidence-based social, emotional, and behavioral health (SEBH) related support and services for all students and educators. The AEA Statewide Well-being Team includes representation from each of the AEAs across the state of Iowa, including representation from the AEA Directors groups, and the University of Iowa Scanlan Center for School Mental Health. The team works collectively to align its efforts to key priorities, guidance, and practices including the Iowa Board of Education Goals and Priorities related to Creating a Safe, Healthy, and Welcoming Learning Environment, the AEA Playbook’s well-being goal, and the Iowa Department of Education’s Skills for Learning.  

Learn more about how AEA’s support well-being in the following article from the team, Ensuring Student Success: The Vital Role of AEAs in Mental Health Support.