Grow Your Own School Psychologist Program


Psychologist Collab program 2


Northwest AEA, in collaboration with the University of Northern Iowa, Central Rivers AEA and Great Prairie AEA, is excited to offer a grant subsidized “Grow Your Own School Psychologist” program for area educators! Candidates admitted to and who complete the program will have earned an Ed.S. degree in School Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa at a substantially reduced price.

The program is made possible by a US Department of Education grant. The grant enables participants of the program to receive a significantly reduced tuition cost of $75 per credit hour, books required for courses to be paid for, membership costs for NASP and the ISPA to be reimbursed, and expenses for the NCSP test, the Praxis test, and the initial license with the Iowa BOEE to be paid. Important details and information can be found below.

  • The application deadline is April 1!
  • Apply at under “Ed.S. program <> Summer 2023.”
  • The program is primarily a distance learning program, and courses will occur at times that work for the students in the cohort.
  • The first cohort of students will begin this summer (2023), and there will be two more cohorts, one each starting in the summer of 2024 and 2025. *Individuals not admitted to the first cohort can apply for a subsequent cohort.
  • The grant aims to bring more mental health support and services to students in rural and underserved areas.
  • We are looking for individuals working as special education professionals in one of the three collaborating AEAs (Central Rivers AEA, Great Prairie AEA, and Northwest AEA) to apply for the program.
  • Once participants have completed the program, they will be required to make a three-year commitment to working in a rural district in one of the three AEAs.

Do you have questions or want more information about the program? Join us in person at the Northwest AEA office in Sioux City on Friday, March 10, from 1-3 pm (in Room G), or online via Zoom. More details can be found in the brochure. If you have questions, please email David VanHorn.