Connections: August 22, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be scary. It's an unknown in education. There is a fear from teachers that they don't know anything about AI and that students are just using AI to cheat in school. If all we do is focus on cheating and catching students who have used it to cheat, then we’ve lost the power of AI.

AI should not be scary. It's a powerful tool that is going to stick around, so it's important for all educators to learn about how to use it for themselves and then learn how to teach students to use AI technology in order to think creatively and critically instead of just a tool for cheating. Take some small steps and use ChatGPT to see what it does and what it can do. Here is a great resource created by the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) to explore ChatGPT.

If AI is something you are unsure of and want to learn more about, look for a workshop on AI in education coming in October at Northwest AEA. We will be talking all about AI and how to use it in education.

Amanda Beyer, Instructional Technology Consultant