Connections: February 7, 2023

A Few of the Favorite Things

How many times have you come across a list of best things and found yourself thinking “this is what I have been looking for.” Each year publishes a list of educational finds from the previous year. Our Favorite Things of 2022, has a number of resources and games that may spark your interest. A few of our favorites can benefit your entire classroom.

Closegap is a free resource available to support the emotional health of students K-12. Educators are able to create an account and add students. Students complete a daily check in. The results are sent immediately to the educator so support can be offered as needed.

Looking for a way to incorporate SEL into your Morning Meeting? The Feelings Thermometer may be a great tool to assist in identifying emotions, how to act when these emotions are present, and help students identify what they can do about it. It is a great way to build coping skills in students of all ages.

Breathboards would be a great addition to a calming corner or sensory station. Students use a maze and follow breathing patterns to help shift their focus and calm themselves. Having Breathboards available in your classroom offer students a calming opportunity between projects. We can all use a little breathing break, right?

Be sure to explore the list because only a few are highlighted. There are many favorites that may end up on your bookmark bar or in your cart today.