Connections: March 7, 2023

The Play Continuum featured research of Dr. Angela Pyle and Wrice Danniels on The Play Continuum. It turns out, there are some options when it comes to integrating play into learning. According to the article, “The Serious Business of Play,” students are given opportunities to practice social, emotional, behavioral, and even academic skills through play.

The Play Learning Lab, run by Dr. Pyle, examines play-based learning in classrooms. Five different types of play observed in the research of 15 Kindergarten classrooms included: Free Play, Inquiry Play, Collaborative Play, Playful Learning, and Learning through Games. Check out the large collection of information and play examples which includes ideas for each play type.

This research challenges the belief that learning and playing are binary. The below image, from this research, represents the different forms of play and the transition from student directed to teacher directed play. The level of teacher involvement varies based on the placement in the continuum. If you are looking for ways to create opportunities for your students, view the whole article for ideas and a deeper understanding of play-based learning.