Central Lyon

1010 S. Greene Street
Rock Rapids

Phone: 712-472-2664

Fax: 712-472-2115

Superintendent: Brent Jorth

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

Sioux Center Regional Office

Phone: 712-222-6000

  • Central Lyon Early Childhood Special Education

    1105 S Story PO Box 471
    Rock Rapids

    Phone: 712-472-2664


    Principal: Denise McCarty/Melissa Lockey

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number:

    Van Route: Tuesday & Thursday

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Amber Coburn's photo

Amber Coburn

Physical Therapist

712-222-6087 Email Amber Coburn
Sheila Finch's photo

Sheila Finch

ECSE Nurse Consultant

712-222-6295 Email Sheila Finch
Kathy Fitch's photo

Kathy Fitch

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

712-222-6014 Email Kathy Fitch
Sara Francois's photo

Sara Francois

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6296 Email Sara Francois
Valery Fuhrman's photo

Valery Fuhrman

Educational Consultant

712-222-6206 Email Valery Fuhrman
Lori Groth's photo

Lori Groth

Data Technician

712-222-6050 Email Lori Groth
Lindy Hornby's photo

Lindy Hornby

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6367 Email Lindy Hornby
Emily Koson's photo

Emily Koson

Educational Consultant

712-222-6331 Email Emily Koson
Brenda Langstraat-Janisch's photo

Brenda Langstraat-Janisch

School/Family/Community Mental Health Liaison

712-222-6060 Email Brenda Langstraat-Janisch
Amy Legg's photo

Amy Legg

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6129 Email Amy Legg
Nancy Mack-Vogt's photo

Nancy Mack-Vogt

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6287 Email Nancy Mack-Vogt
Katie Majeres's photo

Katie Majeres

Educational Consultant

712-222-6169 Email Katie Majeres
Karen Moss's photo

Karen Moss

Data Technician

712-222-6155 Email Karen Moss
Jessica Niles's photo

Jessica Niles

ECSE Strategist

712-222-6380 Email Jessica Niles
Andrea Scheitler's photo

Andrea Scheitler

Special Education Strategist

712-222-6131 Email Andrea Scheitler
Joyce Vermeer's photo

Joyce Vermeer

Early Childhood Consultant

712-222-6150 Email Joyce Vermeer
Jennifer Vortherms's photo

Jennifer Vortherms

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

712-222-6100 Email Jennifer Vortherms


Rebecca Young


712-222-6293 Email Rebecca Young
Tyler Youngers's photo

Tyler Youngers

Instructional Technology Consultant

712-222-6300 Email Tyler Youngers