100 Tara Way

Phone: 712-944-5181

Fax: 712-944-5568

Superintendent: Chad Shook

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

Northwest AEA

Phone: 712-222-6000

  • Lawton-Bronson Early Childhood Special Education

    113 W 1st St - PO Box 131

    Phone: 712-948-3361


    Principal: Laura Collins

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Lawton-Bronson Early Childhood Special Education

    Van Route: Tuesday & Thursday

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Robin Bennett's photo

Robin Bennett

Data Technician

712-222-6050 Email Robin Bennett
Amanda Beyer's photo

Amanda Beyer

Instructional Technology Consultant

712-222-6097 Email Amanda Beyer
Nichole Fettig's photo

Nichole Fettig

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

712-222-6024 Email Nichole Fettig
Sheila Finch's photo

Sheila Finch

ECSE Nurse Consultant

712-222-6295 Email Sheila Finch
Doris George's photo

Doris George

Special Education Strategist

712-222-6352 Email Doris George
Lori Groth's photo

Lori Groth

Data Technician

712-222-6050 Email Lori Groth
Paula Harding's photo

Paula Harding

Educational Consultant

712-222-6341 Email Paula Harding
Ann Hardy's photo

Ann Hardy

Occupational Therapist

712-222-6236 Email Ann Hardy
Maya Hogan's photo

Maya Hogan


712-222-6025 Email Maya Hogan
Brenda Jenkins's photo

Brenda Jenkins

Early Childhood Consultant

712-222-6122 Email Brenda Jenkins
Sara Klingensmith's photo

Sara Klingensmith

Director, West Region

712-222-6039 Email Sara Klingensmith
Sara Lincoln's photo

Sara Lincoln


712-222-6388 Email Sara Lincoln
Vonda MacClure's photo

Vonda MacClure

Contracted Employee

712-222-6062 Email Vonda MacClure
Steven McHugh's photo

Steven McHugh

Educational Consultant

712-222-6162 Email Steven McHugh
Robin McLey's photo

Robin McLey

Occupational Therapist

712-222-6156 Email Robin McLey
Stephanie Mobley's photo

Stephanie Mobley

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6268 Email Stephanie Mobley
Alexa Mrla's photo

Alexa Mrla

Special Education Strategist

712-222-6059 Email Alexa Mrla
Teresa Murray's photo

Teresa Murray

Educational Consultant

712-222-6271 Email Teresa Murray
Katie Naslund's photo

Katie Naslund

Physical Therapist

712-222-6370 Email Katie Naslund
Jessica Niles's photo

Jessica Niles

ECSE Strategist

712-222-6380 Email Jessica Niles
Stephanie Robinson's photo

Stephanie Robinson

Special Education Strategist

712-222-6392 Email Stephanie Robinson


Mia Tardive

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-222-6283 Email Mia Tardive