Unveiling Dyslexia Initiatives in Iowa: Resources, Endorsements, and Chapter Launch

Dyslexia, a neurological condition affecting language learning and processing, has gained increased attention in the educational landscape. In Iowa, efforts to address dyslexia are on the rise, with the Iowa Department of Education taking significant steps to provide resources and support. Here's a roundup of the latest developments in dyslexia education in the Hawkeye State.

Senate File 2536 Required Dyslexia Training for Educators:

The following educational personnel are required to complete the IRRC Dyslexia Overview Module by 7/1/2024 or within one year of employment after 7/1/2024.

  • Any person employed by an AEA who holds a license, certificate, statement of recognition or authorization other than coaching.
  • School district personnel with the following endorsements:
    • PK-K teacher, prekindergarten-kindergarten classroom (103)
    • PK-K early childhood special education (262)
    • Elementary special education (260; 263; 264)
    • Prekindergarten through grade 3 (100; 106)
    • Birth-grade 3 inclusive settings (1001)
    • Dyslexia specialist (1761)
    • English as a second language (104)
  • School district practitioners and paraprofessionals assigned as:
    • Title I teachers (102; 148; 176)
    • Title I paraprofessionals under ESSA

See the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners Endorsement List.

Northwest AEA Dyslexia Course

For educators seeking to enhance their understanding of dyslexia, Northwest AEA offers a two full-day course titled "Dyslexia: What do I Need to Know as an Educator?" This course provides valuable insights and practical knowledge to empower educators in supporting students with dyslexia. If you're interested in bringing this course to your school, simply reach out to a literacy team member at Northwest AEA.

Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement Programs

Excitingly, two Iowa institutions now offer the Dyslexia Specialist endorsement. If you're interested in obtaining this credential, consider reaching out to these institutions to learn more about admission requirements, coursework details, and associated costs.

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa provides a Dyslexia Specialist endorsement program. Visit their website for comprehensive information on the program structure and admission process.

Grandview University

Grandview University is another institution offering a Dyslexia Specialist endorsement program. Explore the details at Grandview University's Dyslexia Endorsement page to kickstart your journey towards specialization.

The Reading League's Iowa Chapter

A dedicated team is tirelessly working towards launching an Iowa chapter of The Reading League, a renowned organization committed to advancing evidence-based reading instruction. The pending Iowa Reading League chapter has recently convened to plan and prepare, edging closer to official recognition. The target is to be officially launched in the spring of 2024.

If you're eager to stay updated on their progress and the official launch date, consider filling out this form to receive periodic updates. With the Iowa chapter, the plan is to host both virtual and in-person literacy events, fostering a supportive community for educators, parents, and anyone passionate about literacy.

Dyslexia Resources and Contacts

The Iowa Department of Education has recently unveiled a comprehensive website listing contacts for dyslexia at each Area Education Agency (AEA). This valuable resource is aimed at assisting parents and educators in navigating the complexities of dyslexia support. Many of the listed individuals hold the Dyslexia Specialist endorsement, showcasing their expertise in the field. Check out the Dyslexia Resources website for detailed information on contacts and available support.

In conclusion, Iowa is making commendable strides in dyslexia education and support. From specialized endorsements to the formation of a Reading League chapter, these initiatives aim to create a more inclusive and informed educational environment for all. Stay engaged, stay informed, and be part of the positive change in dyslexia education in Iowa!