Connections: September 6, 2023

NASA Trip to Houston

The excitement is building as students from Northwest Iowa and Texas gear up for the Central Space Design Competition set to take place at Johnson Space Center in Houston from March 21 - 24, 2024.

This event gives our students from Northwest AEA a chance to try their hand at aerospace engineering and design as they collaborate on an intricate and challenging proposal. What sets this competition apart is the unique opportunity for these students to work closely with NASA engineers, gaining insights and mentorship from the very professionals who make space exploration a reality. Participants will be tasked with pushing the boundaries of their knowledge and creativity, all while contributing to NASA's mission of advancing human exploration of space.

Northwest AEA has facilitated participation at this event since its inception in 2000. Hundreds of students have participated over the years, and many have been inspired to pursue careers in aerospace engineering or engineering in general. Besides engineering experience, students can also gain experience in public speaking and communication as they give their final reports to a panel of engineers.

You can find more information about the competition here, including video highlights from previous years' competitions. Click here to find out more ways we can support you in science.

Shelly Nash, Educational Consultant