Science services include support for the development and implementation of high-quality instructional practices that align with science standards, including professional learning and coaching. We are excited to offer agency-wide science best practice support for both elementary and secondary classrooms!

  •  Iowa Science Standards (NGSS) support for both pedagogy and curriculum alignment
  • “Picture Perfect Science” training and lesson ideas for elementary classrooms
  • Elementary science classroom and curriculum support
  • Foss Kit Support and Training
  • Support in Open Sci Ed units and curriculum (middle school — HS units coming soon)
  • Bi-weekly resource email:  Science News You Can Use (email us to sign up!)
  • Collaborating with building instructional coaches for science classroom needs
  • Utilizing Science Notebooks in your classroom
  • Locating and evaluating online resources
  • Utilizing Google suite apps in the science classroom
  • Lab ideas
  • Utilizing Vernier equipment / computer based data collection interfaces
  • KidWind — building and testing turbines ; STEM Energy Festival in the spring (Grades 4-8)
  • Help with Project-Based Learning ideas for classrooms
  • Literacy in the Science Classroom–utilizing ‘science news’ articles, trade books, close reads, etc.
  • Flipped-classroom instruction — both full-flip and hybrid-flip models
  • Johnson Space Center Space Settlement Design Competition (i.e., “NASA Trip” in March)
  • MTSS Tier 2 Intervention ideas for the science classroom
  • Using CK-12 Flexbooks in the science classroom
  • Writing and implementing Three-Dimensional (3D) Assessments 
  • POGIL activities and implementation

If what you need isn’t on this list, please ask. We will do our best to utilize our contacts and resources to help make your classrooms even more awesome! THANK YOU for all you do for your science students!

See “Science News You Can Use” from Northwest AEA here: